• May 2022 Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord (Paris)

    On May 24th, for the release party of RAVEL Influence(s), the Trio invites pianist Shani Diluka, cellist Astrig Siranossian and singer Kyrie Kristmanson for an outstanding concert !

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  • March 2022 RAVEL Influence(s)

    Our new album is out under the Label Evidence Classics RAVEL I RACHMANINOFF I DE FALLA I FAURÉ I ARANGO-PRADA featuring Shani Diluka, Astrig Siranossian & Kyrie Kristmanson

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    First excerpt of our new album on the Label Evidence Classics "RAPSODIE ESPAGNOLE : FERIA" with pianist Shani Diluka

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  • February 2022 New single !

    First single under the label Nø Førmat! with "One Last Time" arranged by Clément Ducol, with singer Blick Bassy, covering this global hit in his mother tongue, the bassa.

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  • June 2021 Studio Recording

    Last june, we were at Ferber's studios in Paris for the recording of our next album for the label Nø Førmat! with Clément Ducol and featuring singers

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  • May 2021 Signature Mallets Trio SR9

    Resta-Jay Percussions just released our mallets signature series for marimba. Have a look on its website.

    Resta-Jay Percussions